A virtual room for a palpable future

The past few years have been full of innovations, and one of the key words on most people's minds has, unsurprisingly, been Artificial Intelligence. Let's see how it can actually help us get a better shopping experience for garments!

A virtual room for a palpable future

The past few years have been full of innovations, and one of the key words on most people's minds has, unsurprisingly, been Artificial Intelligence. An abstract concept for many, but an excellent resource for most technical companies on the market, AI has changed our lives ever since Alan Turing asked the fundamental question: “Can machines think?”. The impact is so significant that it is now referred to as the AI effect when a phenomenon reaches mainstream use.

Whether we're aware of it or not, we all use some sort of AI in our daily lives, from search engines to facial recognition on our phones, the advertisements we receive on any website, and the recommendation systems on the most popular streaming apps. These are only a few basic examples, but there are also more complex applications out there, such as medical diagnostics, metaverse, or — you guessed it — Esenca!

Stepping into the world of virtual reality with the help of AI

The fields in which AI solutions can be applied are endless, but with the development it's seen lately, other sub-branches of it, such as  Machine Learning and Deep Learning, have also flourished. Augmented reality is one of the key players that can make good use of these technologies, as the virtual reality we are all aspiring for is not just a dream anymore. We can buy houses or other various items in virtual worlds, which are built based on our own rules. It's not a stretch to say that we can expect the future to include a lot more of this, and that we'll be spending a lot of time (and money) in environments such as these.

Exploring these possibilities leads to one of the most expected additions that could be a game-changer for the whole experience of VR: the personalized 3D avatar of each person you interact with, including yourself.  It’s no longer that difficult to imagine playing a game with a character that is your identical twin or going shopping in a virtual mall to buy clothes that fit you perfectly, even in the real world. But how does this relate to the industries we're usually supporting with Esenca and its features?

Solving shopping problems with virtual try-outs

97% of customers abandon a purchase because it isn't convenient, as the acquisition process is not easy enough for them, whether it is due to choosing items or the checkout process. Wouldn’t it be great to save the time and struggle of going to a store, trying on everything, getting frustrated that nothing fits well, and then ending up buying nothing? Soon, you might find yourself faced with shops that provide solutions for the perfect clothes being delivered to your door, combined into perfect outfits, made for your stature and chosen by experts — that may or not be a virtual assistant as well, of course.

As the global fitting room market is expected to reach 8501 million in 2028, it's time to think about the technologies that can bring a critical advantage to the table: of course, we're talking about Esenca here!

With the most accurate sizes in the best 3D shape you can receive. Esenca has seen amazing results in providing measurement and size predictions for our customers, but not only that — with our upcoming virtual try-on features, we'll be able to supplement online stores with a shopping experience that allows customers to have a custom avatar modelled after them, on which they can try out each individual garment and see how certain sizings would look. In essence, implementing a solution like this can revolutionize the shopping experience for everyone, which is why we're also looking forward to collaborations in this area.

If you're interested in trying out Esenca, or discussing a possible collaboration that would involve a customized virtual try-on solution for your business, don't hesitate — sign up for free today, or send us an email at hi@esenca.app, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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